How do I set the price for my artworks?

There is no price limit. Please set the price as you wish. The most important factor is your opinion.

How do you use the fee?

Production of Brochures, advertisement, Installation and de-installation, curation, venue renting, and delivery of artworks.

What information is needed for the brochure?

Photograph of art work (300dpi and above, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG)/artist statement

Do I need to set frames for my artworks? 

If it is canvas, you don't have to have framed. But if it is paperwork or fragile work, please have a frame. It is to protect your artwork from damage. If your artwork is video or sound art, please send us an inquiry email.


Flat paper artworks are requiring the frame. If you send your artwork without a frame and if it is damaged, we cannot compensate for the damage. Please make sure the fragile artworks are secured in the frame.

Furthermore, please install a displaying wire on the back of the canvas and frames. It is not required, but if you install the displaying wire, we can install your artworks in the gallery more securely. 

When and how should I send the artwork?

The artworks must arrive at the LA office in the United States at least a week before the exhibition. It is safe to ship the work as soon as the contract and fees are accepted. After the contract is submitted, we will notify you of the deadline for sending the artwork, so please send the artwork by the deadline.

From Korea to the US (or from the US to Korea) it usually takes 4-8 days by air shipping.

From Korea to Germany (or from Germany to Korea) TBD

From the US to Germany (or from Germany to the US) TBD

However, if there are holidays or other delays, the delivery could be delayed, so please also consider the delay. Please note that it may take up to three months to ship by sea. After you ship your artwork, please send us the tracking number, we will send a confirmation email upon delivery.  Please fill in the following shipping address information on the box and write +1-661-212-4856 when submitting the recipient's phone number at the post office. ​

Shipping Information
Attn: Han Na Hong
19779 Elizabeth Way,

Canyon Country, CA. 91351
+1-213-437-3238 (HK Creative Studio Phone Number)
+1-661-212-4856 (Director Hong's Phone Number)

If I have an inquiry, how should I contact you?

The email will be the fastest way to contact us. However, the time difference could cause some response delay. Please understand if our response is not in real-time.

Email: arte.hkstudio@gmail.com

Phone: +1-213-437-3238

KaKaoTalk: dayou59 (Director Kang)